A Dream Unfolding: The Story of House Market

Dreaming BIG

Deep within the vibrant halls of the Americas Mart in 2017, a spark ignited in Serra's heart. While initially seeking items for her existing business, a divine hand guided her down a path she never expected. As she walked through showroom after showroom, brimming with beautiful home décor, lighting, and furniture, a new vision blossomed within her.

"A deep sense of purpose resonated within me," Serra shares. "I knew the Lord had something special for me that day, and I was ready to listen."

Further guidance came during a transformative RV trip across eight states, where Serra felt the Lord preparing her for something extraordinary. Her prayers for clarity and direction resonated through the vast landscapes, paving the way for a divine revelation.

"I knew the Lord wanted to speak to me," Serra reflects. "He was preparing me for something extraordinary, and I was eager to receive His guidance."

Serra had long surrendered her personal dreams to the Lord, trusting him with her family and life's journey. She knew He had a greater purpose for her, one that would shine a light in the world. 

As she surrendered to the Lord's will, a sense of peace and overwhelming joy washed over her. The vision of a shop, a haven filled with beauty and inspiration, became crystal clear. 

"Letting go was a powerful act of faith," she admits. "But as I opened my hands to heaven, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, love, and peace. I was finally ready to embrace His vision for my life."

Creating a Legacy:

Don and Serra are seasoned entrepreneurs, having successfully launched and nurtured two award-winning businesses. They understand the challenges and rewards of building a successful company, and they are prepared to pour their years of experience and dedication into House Market.

Looking Forward:

This is only the beginning of the House Market story. As Serra and Don navigate this exciting new venture, they remain committed to taking each step with faith and purpose. They are eager to see what the future holds for House Market, and they invite you to join them on this inspiring journey.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as House Market unfolds!