Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality

I think about my grandmother who lived out in the country whenever I think about what it means to truly live out southern hospitality. The moment you walked into her tiny kitchen you could smell the homemade biscuits cooking in the oven. We would gather around her tiny little 1950’s kitchen table and talk and laugh for hours while eating biscuits and drinking kool-aid. What comes to mind for you? Do you think of sitting on an old porch swinging with friends and drinking ice-tea, hanging outside roasting marshmallows by a firepit or maybe eating a warm pecan pie around the table with family?




We, at House Market want to help you create a warm and inviting space just for you, family and friends. We want you to be excited to have guests over and not feel overwhelmed with all of the little decorating details. House Market offers a wide variety of beautiful dishes, silverware, glasses, faux flower arrangements, cake stands and so much more to help you pull together a fabulous looking dinner table that looks like you spent a lot of time fixing up for your guests.




Don’t stress over every little detail or pull your hair out trying to find matching glasses and plates. Just pick a day and time for your guests to arrive. If your bestie is coming over for ice-tea and cookies, then run by the grocery store and buy pre-made cookies (warm in the microwave) and tea. Next, just grab some glass goblets and fill with ice and put a pitcher (any color) and a cake stand (any color) and place on the table. I typically like clear glass goblets and white, metal, wooden or glass cake stands.


If you really want a homemade feel, then buy a few sprigs of mint and top off the glasses with mint leaves or fresh cut lemons and for the cookies just sprinkle some chocolate chips on the cake stand. I typically try to cut fresh lemons or strawberries and place in my store bought lemonade to give it a homemade look and taste for my guests. My secret is out!




You can fill a simple vase or even a goblet with fresh or faux flowers as a quick center piece. If you are having friends over for pie, then visit your favorite bakery and pick up a store bought pie and heat it up in the oven and serve on one of House Market’s beautiful wooden, glass, pottery or metal cake stands.