Going Tech Free in the Home

Going Tech Free in the Home

So, you’ve tried a couple of nights of going tech free and really being intentional about creating some bonds with your family or nanny children. There have been laughs, some tears, but all in all no one passed out (unless that was a super rousing game of flag football) or died. Things have gone pretty well, right? Now that summer has started I have just a couple more suggestions to really kick it up a notch. Feel free to take pictures and capture the memories.


  1. Have a family creative nightSome of my favorite memories from my childhood involve this very thing. Each family member had to bring something creative. For my mom- maybe it was a creative new cookie recipe. My dad might write a silly song. My sister and I would put on plays we wrote together, puppet shows, musicals. Maybe you have a budding master poet, a Van Gogh artist in the making, a songstress bursting to show how those voice lessons are working. Maybe your burgeoning football player learned a new side sweep maneuver. Whatever the talent, this is when you as family get to watch, learn, applaud, celebrate and laugh.
  1. Host a neighborhood game night. Invite a few favorite friends, the crazy relatives, or just some neighbors you want to spend time with. Some snacks, some board and card games set up and you have instant fun. Everyone checks their technology at the door and you are guaranteed to have brilliant conversations and fun galore. And if you can swing it, throw in a late night swim or sparklers and watermelon. It’s summertime.


  1. Host a Movie on the Lawn. Pick a classic, the funniest comedy, or the perfect summer time movie. Snacks can include flavored popcorn, smore’s, or perhaps a hotdog roast. And if you are really brave, set up tents and have a backyard camp out (with supervision of course).


  1. Begin an Annual Bake Off – Each family that is invited has to come up with their own dessert. Have an objective judge or two. Each family can earn points for creativity, presentation and taste. Perhaps you don’t want to encourage eating too much sugar. Gourmet burgers or perhaps Baked Beans any way you can come up with. Are you sensing a theme? The kitchen is at the center of some of our closest held memories. Finding ways to get your family involved in creating a plan, executing recipes and then coming together in the spirit of friendly competition? All I have left to add is #Winning


  1. Create a family Paint and Sip Night. You might have to enlist the help of a creative friend to help with this if you want to try it at home. For sipping consider blueberry lemonade, strawberry slushies or watermelon juice. Create one giant masterpiece together or each individual family member can create their own version of beauty.

 Here at House Market, we love investing into families. It is our desire to see families made stronger and brought together.