5 simple things to do to keep your house neat and organized

It’s that time of year! Spring is when I feel the urge to air out the house and thoroughly clean and organize everything. However, I usually don’t have the extra time I would need to accomplish a thorough Spring cleaning. So here are 5 simple things to do to keep a clean and organized home:

Make your bed every day!

Your mother was right on this point! Coming home to a neat and organized bedroom begins and ends with a beautifully make bed. And it only takes a couple of minutes a day to perfect!

Never go to bed with a messy kitchen.

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, take a 15 minutes to load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters and sweep the kitchen floor. It is so worth the effort when you can start your day fresh and organized every day!

Do one load of laundry a day.

OK, I will share my secret, I start a load in the morning and leave it running when I leave for the day. When I get home from work and carpool I dump everything in the dryer and then fold and put clothes away right before bed. It may not be the recommended method, but it works for me. This way the laundry never gets out of control and we never run out of underwear!

Take 15 minutes every day for a family pick up

My kids leave a trail of objects behind them everywhere they go in my house. I set a timer for 15 minutes either before or after dinner (depending on our schedules) and every one picks up and puts away all the clutter. I often run the vacuum and dust the main rooms during this time. It works for us!

Every few months clean out the family closets

I have baskets on the floor of all our closets to toss unwanted, too small, stained, or just old clothes to be donated or just thrown away. It saves so much time and effort! No more spending hours going through and trying on everything to see if it still fits or not. I just have to remember to take the clothes to the nearest Good Will!!